World Of Golf – Dragon Quest: Beware In Croydon There Be Dragons

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The beginning of the Dragon Quest

You know when you just get that feeling when you just want a game of crazy (adventure) golf? Not the most obvious of questions but there are times when you just want to have a some childish fun. World Of Golf, located in Croydon, includes a driving range as well as Dragon Quest adventure golf. if I attempted the range I'd be worried for anyone standing behind me rather than anyone in front. No, I'm more suited to the slower-paced experience of adventure golf to keeps my inner child satiated.

The centre in question has the rather ominous name of 'Dragon Quest.' Slight spoiler warning sadly you don't get to slay any dragons in your quest for golfing glory. Dragon Quest has wheelchair access for disabled children or adults (however the car park is shingle rather than tarmac). The staff were polite and welcoming, which is a huge positive for a family oriented centre.

The upkeep of the park could do with improving as when I visited none of the water features were functioning. A lot of the structures looked as if they needed some attention, not from a structural standpoint more for the aesthetics. This is a minor gripe but does need mentioning, I feel it did detract from the fun of the course.

Dragon Quest Logo
Dragon Quest Course View

A deceptively simple course

There is a standard 18 holes to show off your ability or lack thereof, mostly par 2 with a couple of par 3's which are trickier than they appear. A winding concrete path is there for you follow from hole 1 to 18. Very easy to traverse, even for a simpleton such as myself. A large amount of the holes follow a similar formula, a 30 degree side wall or a more direct path with a minor obstruction. While this is alright for some a little more variety would be welcome.

A dragon hides inside the cave guarding her eggs.

Thoughts on Dragon Quest

While the holes do follow a similar theme they are occasionally tricky, especially if you take the 'trick shot' route. Aiming the shot to roll around the curve and towards the hole, tricky but my favourite way to play. Dragon Quest was a fun hour which could be extended the more people you bring.

Prices range from £3 for under 4's £6 for under 12's and £8 for those over 12, making Dragon Quest decent value for money. Complete with a small outside eating area your family can happily rest for a while before having another round. 

Overall my thoughts on Dragon Quest are positive, cheap, cheerful and entertaining. Younger members of the family will be thoroughly distracted and anyone wanting to reminisce their youth.

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